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A long time ago, Lucifer (the king of Hell) made the first mazoku out of his own dark emotions; the seven deadly sins. These seven mazoku families later became known as the dukes of Hell and it was their duty to maintain the peace between demons and angels and if someone destroyed it the seven families punished that demon. The mazoku also transferred the souls of humans who'd sinned to Hell and was therefore also known as the Grim Reapers of Hell.

The names of these seven families are:

Shirogane, the mazoku of sloth, who govern West Asia on Earth and the Socordia territory in Hell.

Escuridão, the mazoku of wrath, who govern South America on Earth and the Ira territory in Hell.

Abdal Aziz, the mazoku of gluttony, who govern Africa on Earth and the Gula territory in Hell.

Chevalier, the mazoku of envy, who govern Europe on Earth and the Invidia territory in Hell.

Redblood, the mazoku of lust, who govern North America on Earth and the Luxuria territory in Hell.

Reynolds, the mazoku of greed, who govern Oceania on Earth and the Avaritia territory in Hell.

And last but not least we have the family which our protagonist Yuri is a member of: Kuromiya, the mazoku of pride, who govern East Asia on Earth and the Superbia territory in Hell.

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